Joseph Lee Robinson Home – Interior Photos

Interior photos of my ancestor’s house in Farmington, UT – Joseph Lee Robinson. Much of these interior decorations were done by his son – W. O. Robinson.

The house had been abandoned for 10 years before the current owners bought the house and began remodeling.

These are snapshots that they took years ago before the remodeling began.

JLRHouse092 JLRHouse093 JLRHouse094 JLRHouse095 JLRHouse096 JLRHouse097 JLRHouse098 JLRHouse099 JLRHouse100 JLRHouse101 JLRHouse102 JLRHouse103 JLRHouse104 JLRHouse105 JLRHouse106 JLRHouse107 JLRHouse108 JLRHouse109 JLRHouse110 JLRHouse111 JLRHouse112 JLRHouse113 JLRHouse114 JLRHouse115 JLRHouse116 JLRHouse117 JLRHouse118 JLRHouse119

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    Rebecca Parker Parkin Says:
    January 13th, 2010 at 4:32 am

    How interesting are the inside places in this house! Thanks again for your interest and contribution to our heritage!


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